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 Elektromont Ltd. was founded in Budapest in 2005 with the aim of providing its services as a continuous, reliable enterprise in the field of electronics manufacturing services, both domestically and internationally.
Our main profile ranges from simple hand-mounted panels to high level construction and testing of complex surface-mounted panels.

Our main activity involves three areas:

  •  Contract manufacturing of electronic semi-finished products
  •  Complete manufacturing of products developed by the customer/procurer.
  •  Developing, manufacturing and selling of own products.


  • Electronics and electro-mechanics components purchasing
  • Assembly of surface mounted devices (SMT)
  • Conventional trough hole component assembly and soldering (THT)
  • Calibration of devices, testing and packaging of finished products

We have been led from the beginning by the recognition that our company can only survive in the market, and can be competitive if the management works out a well organized marketing approach, whose important keystones are the following:

  •  Capability of providing complex, wide spectrum services based on assessment of the needs of the market;
  •  Defining of target market: reaching of as wide and diverse target group as possible so that the enterprise be able to own a larger and solid clientele base.

Our company is specialized to be able to assembly almost all kinds of electronic device by our production lines, modern technology and trained staff. In accordance with requirements of our age our company is prepared to manufacture a wide range of applications such as mobile phones, computer circuits, medical devices or multi-media electronic parts automotives as well.

The owners – József Medgyesi and Balázs Fenyő - have over 25 years of experience in production, which guarantees high quality, innovative and effective solutions for our customers.
Beside the well-functioning marketing we have developed our quality policy, under which the management has introduced and operates the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system, whose development means an every day task to the management. Our company, in accordance with the requirements of our customers having automotive certification, meets the requirements of the ISO / TS, which has been confirmed by Audi as well.

In recent years we have expanded our machinery fleet, increased the number of employees who have developed their skills in professional trainings. In 2009 we set up our second plant in Pásztó, in addition a more efficient production line has been set to work in Budapest. The investment recently made our company more flexible and also increased the capacity. As a result our business is successful even in a saturated market.

In the present and the future we wish to continue to serve our customers at the usual high professional standards, correctly and reliably.





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