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Quality policy


Elektromont Kft. specialize in the assembly of PCBs and declares the following quality policy as part of our commitment to the high quality electronics manufacturing.

  • The company operates a quality assurance system according MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009. Continuous control and improvement is our daily comittment which guarantees the highest standards and quality for our customers.
  • Both the management and all our employees work to the highest standards. Providing all of our existing and potential customers accurate and on-time delivery performance.
  • Elektromont Kft. fulfills the requirements of customers dealing with automotive products according ISO/TS 16949 standard. 
  • We expand our demanding quality policy to all our staff what means that all our employees take full owenership for for their task.
  • Our aim is to win the keep the trust of our customers and constantly exceed there expectations.

We are committed to improve our organization and processes through continuious  improvment objectives with the view to become a world leader in our field.

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Environment policy


            Elektromont Kft. implemented and operates an environment management system according
MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standard. We assure our commitment to the environment by continuous control and improvement of our

The management and all the employee are working according the following rules.

  • We do not apply any process which are non productive or labour intensive or causes extra pollution.
  • We worked to the current environment friendly policies and processes.
  • Elektromont Kft. profess the pollution prevention and are intent on doing so during our daily activity.
  • We are committed to the improvement of our environment management system also according to the actual legal regulations.
  • We intend to improve our processes by continuous projects and latest technology.
  • We expand our demand on saving the environment to our employee. Therefore we inform and educate them and expect the same from our supply chain.

We define objectives according to the above principles in order to improve our activity also regarding the environment aspects.

ISO 14001 CERTIFICATE download

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