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SMT assembly

We run three in-line production line for the SM (Surface Mount) components. Because of the in-line system the PCBs are processed without any human touch from the paste printing till end of reflow process. At the end of the lines AOI machines assure the 100% programmed optical inspection. The lines contain high-tech stencil printers, fast and high capacity chip-shooters and pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens and AOI equipments and the necessary conveyors.

Key parameters:

- 20 million components per month
- max. PCB 400x400mm
- min. PCB 50x50
- component range 0402 up to 45x45mm



Screen printer :

  • Panasonic SP28P-DHU printer
  • DEK265-GSX printer




  • Panasonic CM88C-M2U chip shooter
  • Panasonic CM120-MU
  • Samsung CP60L
  • Samsung CP45NEO


Reflow oven:

  • Soltec Quantis II
  • Heller 1800 EXLS
  • Heller 1707MK III N2


What makes production more economic?

Beside of the volume the component range and the PCB design also have influence on the price of assembly. Similar to other automated processes costs can be reduces if the batch size to be run is high. Also makes manufacturing cheaper if the necessary component types are low it means it worth to standardize the applied components of course it is not easy and not possible is all application. Also should optimize the PCB size.
If required we make suggestion, please ask.


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