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THT assembly

Trough hole components are inserted manually in ESD protected environment. PCBs to be wave soldered are stored and passed to the wave solder machine in strong magazines made of plastic fulfill ESD requirements protecting the PCBs. Some PCBs are soldered manually right after inserting TH components. The used solder tip suses Curie-metal assuring the stability of soldering temperature.


  • microscope,
  • Weller solder iron and tips
  • hand tools                                                                                                           

 Wave soldering

The TH components are soldered by wave solder machine if the design makes it possible and the volume is high enough.
Soldering takes place in our JT SM450 wave solder machine under nitrogen. Advantages of soldering under nitrogen are better wetting, stronger joints, usage of low residue solder.






The JT SM450 wave soldering machine

  • 450kg solder pot – high temperature stability – better solder joints
  • Spray fuxer – exact, smooth flux dosage
  • 3+1 zone preheating – smooth stressless heating up
  • Lambda and chip wave
  • Induction wave generators – precise wave height control causing less solder error
  • Central support - reduces bending of PCB, safer process
  • Finger conveyor – no frame required – cheaper process

What makes production more economic?

The fastest and most reliable soldering process is wavesoldering (in mass production). It have to do for fulfill requirements during the PCB design. However most SM components are wave solderable but since the components are getting smaller it is getting more difficult. Accordingly it is better to place all SM components on the TOP layer. Also have to think on components overhanging the PCB edges, i.e. connectors. In this case it does worth to let some frame around the PCB in order to let fixing the PCB on the conveyor and support the component during the soldering process.     



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